Hair, just like good health, is taken for granted by many people. People assume that they will have great hair for the rest of their lives until they start experiencing hair loss. Hair loss can be attributed to a number of factors such as genetics, aging, and lifestyle. It is fortunate that with major advancements in medical science, it is now possible to undergo hair transplant surgery. When determining your eligibility for a hair transplant, there are various factors that your doctor will consider.

Health Condition

Just like any other surgical procedure, a patient has to be in top health to undergo a hair transplant procedure. If the patient is suffering from a serious health condition, they have to get it treated before surgery. This reduces the risk of complications after the procedure.


Technically, you can undergo a hair transplant at any age, but doctors have to take some precautions when dealing with very young patients. They need patients to be fully mature so that they are able to observe what pattern it is evolving into. Most of the young patients tend to have premature hair loss. This means that as they advance in age, hair loss will progress. Hence, a young patient might need multiple procedures in the future to maintain a naturally looking hairline. Older patients make the best candidates since their hair transplant will stay looking natural over time.

Hair Loss Classification

This simply means how severe the patient‚Äôs hair loss is. Doctors have to consider the amount of ¬†hair that is available to be transplanted to the thinning areas. The amount of¬†hair available (if it’s donated) determines the expected results of the procedure.

It is important that patients consult with a qualified physician so that they have realistic expectations of the procedure. During consultation, the doctor will consider the above factors to determine if the patient is an eligible candidate.

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