Did you know that 70% of men and nearly 40% of women will be affected by male pattern baldness during their lifetimes? Women generally suffer from hair loss diffused over the top of their scalps, while men suffer from progressive hair loss that starts at the temples and moves in a vertex pattern. Both environmental and genetic factors play an influential role, and the majority of the causes of male pattern baldness remain unknown.

The following are the most common types of male balding patterns:

  • Vertex Pattern – With this particular pattern, the hair begins to recede from the hairline in an M-shaped pattern, which is also called a vertex. This is the most common of all male balding patterns.
  • Frontal Thinning – Hair begins to thin at the temples and gradually moves upward, commonly ending in a vertex pattern.
  • Crowning – A man’s hair begins to thin at his crown. Crowning comes in different levels of severity. A man’s hair may thin only slight, or the entire crown may eventually become bald.
  • The Horseshoe – A man develops a vertex pattern in the front and crowning in the back, which eventually merge together to form a horseshoe shape across the top of the head.
  • Naked – A person’s entire scalp becomes bald. This is the rarest form of male balding patterns and may be caused by other factors, like moderate alopecia, rather than genetic factors.

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