Hair transplant surgery should not be taken lightly. It is surgery, after all. As with any surgery, there are things you should and shouldn’t do afterward to avoid complications and have the easiest and speediest recovery possible. If you’ve recently undergone such a procedure, the following important tips for after hair transplant surgery can help you recover well to enjoy your new luscious locks.

1. Avoid sweating

Try to avoid any activities that may make you sweat in the days following your hair transplant surgery. Sweat increases the risk of infection dramatically. Furthermore, stay out of the sun and forgo steams and saunas as well.

2. Do not wash your hair right away

Refrain from shampooing or blow-drying your hair immediately after your hair transplant surgery. You will have post-op appointments soon after surgery where trained professionals may wash your hair the first time. You can typically return to your regular washing and blow drying routine after the first week.

3. Keep your head elevated

After surgery, your scalp will be red and swollen. Keeping your head elevated diminishes the swelling and pain. You will need extra pillows to rest your head on in bed or try sleeping in a recliner which might be more comfortable.

4. Stay away spicy foods

Consuming spicy foods interferes with the healing process, so most doctors recommend avoiding them as much as possible. In addition, your doctor will probably tell you to avoid alcohol as well, as it impacts the blood flow to your head. If you smoke, it is also advised that you refrain from doing so for a month following your surgery to aid in the healing process.

5. Follow all instructions and have realistic expectations

You’ll receive post-op instructions that you should follow¬†to have the best recovery period possible. Don’t take shortcuts or ignore your doctor’s advice. Make sure you’re keeping busy in the first few months after your hair transplant surgery so you don’t obsess over whether you see new hair growth or not. It could take two to four months for new hair to grow, and up to a year to see full results.

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